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Your blog is your voice, a powerful tool to spread your thoughts and ideas. Used correctly, a blog can inspire others and drive traffic to your website.

Before sending your blog out into the world, make sure it’s as professional as possible by getting it edited and formatted. Polish up your words before putting them in the spotlight!

I offer three levels of blog editing services. You can read about them below. If you’d like, we can create a custom program to suit your needs.

If you’re ready to get started, just send me a message!

Tier One: Blog Editor (On-Call)

Let’s keep it simple: you write a blog post, you send it to me, I edit it for you, I send it back within 48 hours proofread for grammar and spelling and edited for content, fluency, and expressive quality. I will make constructive suggestions where needed.

Tier Two: Blog Editor (Contract)

Along with the above services, we will work together to set up a posting schedule and goals for your blog. I will help you keep to the posting schedule and meet your goals.

Tier Three: Blog Manager

Along with the editing services described above, I will also post your blog posts on your blog for you, monitor your SEO, tag your posts appropriately, sort your posts into searchable categories, and advise you on how to promote your posts using social media. Additionally, I will monitor your site stats, edit your existing pages, and help you create attractive graphics for your posts. (Please note: this tier requires access to your website.)

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