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Publishing Assistance

Are you interested in self-publishing your book? You’re not alone; more and more authors are choosing to publish and distribute themselves instead of going through a traditional publishing house. After your book is edited (by me or by another editor), we can take it a step further by formatting your book (designing the interior pages), editing the cover material, designing the cover and using a print-on-demand service to get a copy into the hands of your readers. Print-on-demand means you can order exactly how many books you need, and you don’t have to keep an expensive inventory or handle shipping costs. It also means you can make updates to your book at any time. I prefer to use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for print books and eBooks, but we can also explore other publishing platforms, too. If you want to go one step further, I can create you a marketing package of graphics you can use to advertise and celebrate your new book!

If you’d like to discuss the advantages of self-publishing in detail, contact me here!

Manuscript Editing

IMG_2857Need to get your manuscript ready to send to a publisher? Want some feedback on a poem or story you’ve been working on? Preparing an important assignment that needs to be proofread?

I offer a variety of editing services to suit your needs. Editing is usually done electronically through Microsoft Word using the “track changes” feature. I can do editing by hand, but you will need to pay postage.

The types of work I edit include, but aren’t limited to,

  • Book manuscripts
  • Novel/novella drafts
  • Blog posts
  • Web pages
  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Articles
  • Résumés
  • Cover Letters
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Reports
  • Social Media Posts and Profiles
  • Term Papers
  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertations/Graduate Theses
  • Speeches

I guarantee I can improve your work. All changes are suggestions based on my personal  and professional judgment; you always have the right to override and reject the changes. However, I think you’ll find that after I spend time with your words, they will return to you sounding smarter and more professional! I will work around your schedule to make sure the turnaround time will accommodate any deadlines you have.

If you are interested in my editing services and would like an estimate or more information, send me a message using my contact form. I look forward to working with you!


Editing is an in-depth, personal process. I review your document thoroughly looking for grammar mistakes, confusing phrases, style discrepancies, and ineffective writing. Proofreading, on the other hand, is meant to be the last check before sending a book to be published, so your book should already be formatted and ready to go in a PDF file. I examine your pages very carefully. I check basic things like spelling, but also for printing mistakes (like if a word is accidentally split between pages or if a page has accidentally been left blank). Because proofreading needs a fresh pair of eyes, I can’t proofread a book I’ve already edited.

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