A well-structured index will make your book easier to understand, more conducive to research, and, ultimately, more valuable. Automatically generated indexes, however, lack the ability to properly index a book. A computer can’t take into account the nuances of your writing.

I offer two types of indexing services.

1. Incorporated Index

This type of indexing uses the “index” feature in Microsoft Word and other word processing programs to code an index into your document. This type of indexing requires careful attention to make sure homonyms and similar references aren’t grouped together. To make this index, I read through your entire document looking for important words and phrases, and then insert the code when the phrase should be included in the index.

This index is good if you want your document to be versatile, or if it is still a work in progress. Because the code is connected to the words, you can rearrange pages and the index will still be accurate.

2. Manual Index

This type of indexing is done by hand, the old-fashioned way. This is great for a writer who already has a final proof of their book in PDF form. Once you know your manuscript is complete and the page numbers will not change, I can read through it and build your index by recording each instance of important key words. I check the context of each word to make sure it is placed in the correct category in the index.

This process is time-consuming but very rewarding. Manual indexes are all-encompassing and very accurate. However, if pages change or sections of text are removed, the index will need to be manually updated.


Here are several examples of indexes I have completed in the past:


Samples taken from the following books:

Our Hope: The Kingdom, the Return of the Messiah, and Our Resurrection
by Ken Stewart
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Born of Water & Spirit: The Baptist Impulse in Kentucky, 17761860
by Dr. Richard C. Traylor
View This Book’s Page on

HEAL: Healthy Living, Abundant Life
by Dr. Cynthia Howard, RN, PhD
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