Job Application Assistance

Once upon a time, applying for a job meant printing up your résumé on nice paper, filling out a paper application in blue or black ink, putting on your best outfit, and going to your future employer’s office in person to make a great first impression.

These days, things have changed. Almost all businesses require an online application, which can feel impersonal. Often, the online application can be frustrating and hard to navigate, full of glitches or links that lead nowhere. If you’re applying to more than one job, you have to answer the same questions over and over until you’re ready to bang your head against a wall.

Well, no need for that. It just so happens that I’m great at navigating job applications. After spending a summer applying my husband, a history teacher, to nearly 200 job postings, I have it down to an art.

I can do the following things for you, things nearly everyone absolutely hates doing for themselves:

  • Navigate the online application and enter information and data for you (this is especially great for those who consider themselves “technologically challenged”)
  • Help you look for job postings
  • Revise and update your résumé (see this page for more details)
  • Draft and edit your cover letter
  • Scan and upload documents
  • Provide interview tips and advice
  • Computer troubleshooting

Though I specialize in teaching applications, I can handle all fields. Of course, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the job, but I can guarantee that you’ll submit the best representation of yourself—accurately and on time.

Let me help you! Send me a message here.

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