Organize Your Life!™


“My life is a mess!”

“I can never find anything.”

“Ignore the chaos!”

“I know I left that here somewhere…”

Does this sound like you?

Callie’s “Organize your life” program will change more than the clutter in your office. It is suffice to say organizing your life will change your life in unforeseen ways. Not only did Callie make my crowded office miraculously have more open space, she created a beautiful space that sparks a flow of endless ideas. Even my son-in-law concurs. He borrowed my office one afternoon to do some work and told me sitting at my desk inspired fresh ideas for his dissertation. I have accomplished more in the week after Callie organized my office than I had in the past couple of months! And I did my work with more calm, ease and joy.
—Annette Bridges
Author, Publisher and Women’s Retreat Host

I’m not exactly a “neat freak,” but I absolutely love organizing! It’s one of my God-given talents. I can take a messy bookshelf and make it a work of art in half an hour. I can turn your filing cabinet back into a filing cabinet. I can teach you tips and tricks to stay organized long after I leave.

When I was a kid, I used to go over to my friends’ houses and clean their rooms for them. Their moms would come check on us and nearly fall over when they saw the carpet for the first time in months. I felt a sense of pride in helping my friends, and seeing their clean bedrooms gave me serenity and peace.

I can do that for you, too! If you are an entrepreneur or do any kind of work from home, you need an office that supports your creativity and productivity. Your time is worth everything. Why waste time looking for things and tripping over boxes on the floor?

What about your living space? Your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom… How much can a little organization simplify your life?

Organize Your Life!™ is a program designed for you. You’re busy. You have a lot going on. You feel like something needs to be done about your work space, but you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to do it.

Together, we’ll spend an entire day (four to eight hours) reworking your space. We’ll go shopping for supplies and organizing tools. I’ll teach you everything I know about rearranging your space to eliminate stress.

I charge by the hour and for travel expenses. I’m based out of Dallas, Texas, but I’m willing to travel wherever you need me! For more information, just send me a message!


No judgment . . . Just a fresh start!