Product Catalog: Ranch House Press

Annette Bridges is an author, speaker, and retreat host based here in North Texas. I’ve worked with her for several years managing her social media platforms, so when she approached me with this huge project, I was so excited!

Annette has wanted to create a physical product catalog for a long time, something physical she can give people when she travels to local book fairs or mail out to potential customers and wholesale retailers. We took all the products in her online store and organized them in a beautiful 36-page full-color catalog.

The editing and design process took several months, but she is thrilled with the final product (and so am I)! She is planning on updating the catalog a couple of times a year to keep it current.

Click below to view the full catalog.

Learn more about Annette on her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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Total Rebrand: Stephanie Ecke

Stephanie Ecke is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) based in San Antonio, Texas. Along with her private counseling practice, she also works as a life coach, writer, and certified RIM facilitator (an innovative form of therapy).

Over the past year, she’s been working on rebranding herself to encompass all of her new specialties. I started by designing her a new logo. She requested the concept of a bird flying out of a cage because she felt that imagery reflected her business goals.

Then, I completely renovated her website to reflect her new brand. Her new website is also more functional and works better on mobile devices.



Finally, I designed a flyer and some social media images for her to spread the word about her upcoming event.

If you’d like to learn more about Stephanie, visit her website!

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Marketing and Web Design for Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a coach, retreat host, and workshop facilitator based out of Florida. We’ve been working together since November on cleaning up her website and preparing for several big events she’s hosting this year.

Her latest event, the Momentum Workshop for Women, needed its own webpage, site headers, email signup, payment links, and registration emails. I helped Jennifer get that all set up so it would run smoothly for her in the background.

I also designed a flyer she could print out or post online to spread the word about the workshop. She wanted to capture the spirit of gaining momentum personally and professionally, but she also wanted something lighthearted and “free.” We went with a picture of a woman swinging on a swing, but the bold fonts still give a sense of gaining strong progress. I stuck with her brand colors (lime green and grey) so the flyer would match her website.

If you are interested in Jennifer’s workshop, click here. You can also learn more about her on her website or by following her Facebook page.

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Marketing Materials for Thecia Jenkins

Thecia is an international speaker and coach who recently approached me with a few marketing projects. She has a workshop coming up in a few weeks in Houston and needed a flyer she could print out to post or mail as well as a digital copy to share online. I enjoyed creating this hexagon design in her brand colors because it gives a sense of strength and organization.

Thecia also needed a social media square to promote Effective Communication Month. I chose a more whimsical design for this graphic since I wanted it to catch attention but be a little more casual than the workshop flyer.

You can get to know Thecia more by visiting her website. If you’re interested in her workshop, click here!

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New Résumé for Sam

Sam (my husband) is a teacher, so he is currently off for summer break. He decided that he wanted to try and get a part-time job to make a little extra money. He wants to apply for a seasonal position at a local board game store.

He has been at his current teaching job for six years, and his résumé hasn’t been updated since. So, I sat down for a few minutes and designed a simple but effective one-page résumé that highlights his experience without being too overwhelming.

I really enjoy designing bold, modern résumés. These days, most résumés are submitted digitally, so you can be more creative with fonts, colors, and shading while still remaining professional. A bold résumé like this can help you stand out in a stack of boring, Times-New-Roman pages.

(I’ve blurred out his contact information.)

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Publishing Package: Beautifully Broken by Geleta Parker

A couple of months ago, one of my past clients, Geleta Parker, approached me about one of the first books she ever published, Beautifully Broken. At the time, she had self-published the book and was proud to see it listed on Amazon, but now she feels that it looks outdated and doesn’t match her current standards. She asked me to give the book a “makeover” and republish it with the new design.

I started by giving the book a full comprehensive edit, since she had skipped that step the first time. Once that was finished, I redesigned the interior pages to look more professional and intentional.

Then, I designed her a new cover for her book. The old cover was fine, but she was leaning towards a more modern and eye-catching design. I decided that broken glass really captured the theme of her book and the idea that even people who feel broken can be beautiful and made new.

The print version was ready to go, so I also formatted an eBook-friendly file and an eBook cover to go with it. That way, her customers could choose between a print copy or digital copy.

Finally, I reuploaded the files to Amazon’s direct publishing service and made sure all the proofs looked right. After a few days of review, the new edition of the book should be live and ready to buy!

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You can buy Geleta’s book, Beautifully Broken, here.

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