Marketing and Web Design for Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a coach, retreat host, and workshop facilitator based out of Florida. We’ve been working together since November on cleaning up her website and preparing for several big events she’s hosting this year.

Her latest event, the Momentum Workshop for Women, needed its own webpage, site headers, email signup, payment links, and registration emails. I helped Jennifer get that all set up so it would run smoothly for her in the background.

I also designed a flyer she could print out or post online to spread the word about the workshop. She wanted to capture the spirit of gaining momentum personally and professionally, but she also wanted something lighthearted and “free.” We went with a picture of a woman swinging on a swing, but the bold fonts still give a sense of gaining strong progress. I stuck with her brand colors (lime green and grey) so the flyer would match her website.

If you are interested in Jennifer’s workshop, click here. You can also learn more about her on her website or by following her Facebook page.

Do you need to revitalize your website? Need help setting up registration for an event or setting up an email newsletter? Need some flyers designed? I do all of that! Contact me to learn more.

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