New Résumé for Sam

Sam (my husband) is a teacher, so he is currently off for summer break. He decided that he wanted to try and get a part-time job to make a little extra money. He wants to apply for a seasonal position at a local board game store.

He has been at his current teaching job for six years, and his résumé hasn’t been updated since. So, I sat down for a few minutes and designed a simple but effective one-page résumé that highlights his experience without being too overwhelming.

I really enjoy designing bold, modern résumés. These days, most résumés are submitted digitally, so you can be more creative with fonts, colors, and shading while still remaining professional. A bold résumé like this can help you stand out in a stack of boring, Times-New-Roman pages.

(I’ve blurred out his contact information.)

Do you need to give your résumé a facelift? I offer full editing and design services. Learn more here.

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