Publishing Package: Beautifully Broken by Geleta Parker

A couple of months ago, one of my past clients, Geleta Parker, approached me about one of the first books she ever published, Beautifully Broken. At the time, she had self-published the book and was proud to see it listed on Amazon, but now she feels that it looks outdated and doesn’t match her current standards. She asked me to give the book a “makeover” and republish it with the new design.

I started by giving the book a full comprehensive edit, since she had skipped that step the first time. Once that was finished, I redesigned the interior pages to look more professional and intentional.

Then, I designed her a new cover for her book. The old cover was fine, but she was leaning towards a more modern and eye-catching design. I decided that broken glass really captured the theme of her book and the idea that even people who feel broken can be beautiful and made new.

The print version was ready to go, so I also formatted an eBook-friendly file and an eBook cover to go with it. That way, her customers could choose between a print copy or digital copy.

Finally, I reuploaded the files to Amazon’s direct publishing service and made sure all the proofs looked right. After a few days of review, the new edition of the book should be live and ready to buy!

Are you interested in a self-publishing package? Contact me here.

You can buy Geleta’s book, Beautifully Broken, here.

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