Annette Bridges, Author and Retreat Host

Callie’s “Organize your life” program will change more than the clutter in your office. It is suffice to say organizing your life will change your life in unforeseen ways. Not only did Callie make my crowded office miraculously have more open space, she created a beautiful space that sparks a flow of endless ideas. Even my son-in-law concurs. He borrowed my office one afternoon to do some work and told me sitting at my desk inspired fresh ideas for his dissertation. I have accomplished more in the week after Callie organized my office than I had in the past couple of months! And I did my work with more calm, ease and joy.

Diane Cunningham, Business Coach and Author

Callie created our Online Success Institute (eighteen classrooms for us with five years worth of info), helps us with the Membership Directory, edits, blogs, and ghostwrites. She is an integral part of my website creation process on WordPress. She helps with members-only newsletters every week by getting them ready for me to edit and add my parts! Basically, she is a word girl. She fixes and edits and makes the website do things that will help so many of our current members and the members to come. Thank you Callie, for your part in my village!

Meghan Landry, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Callie did an amazing job building my résumé from scratch! I sent her the pertinent information and she did the rest. From beginning to end, it took less than three days to get a finished product that looks professional and sleek, and it probably would have been faster had I sent all the correct information the first time around. She sent drafts to make sure I liked the design and spacing . . . I couldn’t have asked for a better résumé or better professional experience! I recommend her service to everyone.

Ken Stewart, Author

I was in desperate need for someone to edit my non-fiction book so that I could self publish it. My book was over 112,000 words, and included many quotes and footnotes. I had previously tried another editing service that advertised on the web, and had a money back guarantee. Their editing was very poor, and when I asked for a refund, they told me to read the fine print. Needless to say, I was very dubious about using another service like that.

I took a chance with Callie Revell and could not be happier. She did a fantastic job, was very professional, caught every punctuation error, and made very helpful suggestions. If you are looking for an editor that you can trust and want it done right, you are on the right website.

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