Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. PAYMENT EXPECTATIONS: CRMS will keep track of all hours (minutes) on a time sheet and will provide THE CLIENT with an invoice at the end of the project and, upon request, a copy of the time sheet. If the bill is above $400, THE CLIENT has the option to pay in two or more installments. Payment is expected within seven (7) days of receiving the invoice unless other arrangements have been made.

  2. PRICING: All pricing and hourly rates are subject to change in the future, with or without notice.

  3. PROJECT CONSULTATION: Callie Revell Media Services recommends a consultation before being hired to discuss THE CLIENT’S needs and goals and if CRMS is a good fit. This consultation time will not be charged if kept under 30 minutes. After that, the normal hourly rate will apply.

  4. CANCELLATION: In the event that THE CLIENT cancels the contracted services before the project is completed, the hours worked and/or words edited will still be billed.

  5. COOPERATION: Callie Revell Media Services is not responsible for key individuals’ failure to respond to communication attempts or to cooperate during the creative process. A complete lack of communication (not responding to emails or phone calls for longer than one week) may result in termination of the project and an invoice being sent for the incomplete work.

  6. PRIVACY: Due to the nature of some projects, Callie Revell may require access to THE CLIENT’S website and/or social media accounts. Callie Revell promises to protect THE CLIENT’S privacy to the best of her ability and will never share any private information, including usernames, passwords, credit card information, or confidential images. Callie Revell cannot be held responsible for information leaked due to circumstances out of her control, like accounts getting hacked. Callie Revell encourages THE CLIENT to change all passwords often and take appropriate online security measures.

  7. COPYRIGHTS: The text edits, videos, and graphics produced by Callie Revell are protected by Copyright Law (all rights reserved). However, when an invoice for a project is paid in full, Callie Revell grants explicit permission to THE CLIENT to reproduce, distribute, and sell this material in any manner they desire, provided the original material provided by THE CLIENT does not violate copyright laws in and of itself. Callie Revell appreciates credit given for her work but does not require it. Please note, this only applies to work that has been paid for in full according to the agreed-upon invoice.

  8. PROMOTION RELEASE: THE CLIENT hereby assigns and grants Callie Revell Media Services the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use samples of completed work for advertising, website and internet promotion, public display, and any other purpose thought proper by CRMS. THE CLIENT can specifically request exemption if desired, and this request will be gladly granted.

  9. EXCLUSIVITY: Callie Revell Media Services recommends that exclusivity be maintained while work is being completed. If THE CLIENT chooses to hire someone else to work on the material during or after CRMS is working on it, CRMS will not be held liable for any mistakes made by the other party.

  10. MUTUAL RESPECT: Callie Revell Media Services will not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behavior. Both parties agree to maintain mutual respect at all times. CRMS reserves the right to terminate the project in the event of threats or harassment.

  11. ASSISTANCE: Callie Revell Media Services reserves the right to outsource some or all work to trusted colleagues if the schedule cannot accommodate THE CLIENT. Advance notice will be given and permission obtained from THE CLIENT, and if THE CLIENT declines the use of third party assistance, this will be respected with the knowledge that the project timeline might have to be extended.

  12. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: Callie Revell Media Service’s discovery of new information, changes to agreed circumstances, or other factors which tend to circumvent its policies may result in its withdrawal. THE CLIENT understands that in such an event, an invoice will be sent for the work performed for the project so far, which will be THE CLIENT’S responsibility to pay.

  13. COMPLETION SCHEDULE: The process will start once Callie Revell Media Services receives the files and/or instructions from THE CLIENT. Deadlines will be taken into consideration as much as possible but cannot be guaranteed in the event of significant delays from THE CLIENT or in the event of extenuating circumstances that cause CRMS to lose access to the technology required to complete the project.

  14. FINAL DELIVERY: Callie Revell Media Services will deliver the final files and any additional material via email unless otherwise arranged. Once the final files are delivered and an invoice sent for the work, further changes or updates cannot be made without opening a new invoice.

  15. PENALTY FEES & CHARGES: If payment arrangements are not made, there will be a $50 per week late fee after one month of no contact until the invoice is paid. THE CLIENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL REASONABLE ATTORNEY FEES AND COSTS OF COLLECTION.

  16. NON-GUARANTEE: Although every possible care will be taken to produce work that completely meets expectations, Callie Revell Media Services cannot place an unconditional guarantee on the above. THE CLIENT understands that the nature of the services provided means that the product created is an artistic interpretation of what will best meet THE CLIENT’S needs. Callie Revell Media Services will not be held responsible for any files lost to any cause outside of control and encourages all clients to back up files often.

If you know exactly what you need…

If you have questions and don’t know where to start…

If you know exactly what you need…

If you have questions and don’t know where to start…

If you know exactly what you need…

If you have questions and don’t know where to start…

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