Video Editing

Turn your YouTube videos from shaky phone quality to flashy, professional videos with music, graphics, text, and more!

My clients use my video editing services to host their own YouTube talk shows, make video sales pitches, create “welcome” videos for their website home pages, and even advertisements for their businesses.

Common requests include adding music, logos, and graphics to YouTube videos. I can also add name labels if you are interviewing people, and I can include credits at the end.

The quality of the finished product depends heavily on the quality of the original video clips used. So, it’s a good idea to invest in video equipment and microphones if you would like to increase the quality of the videos.

I generally need three days to work on each video, but that varies depending on the length of the finished video. If you are doing a video series, I can use the first video as a template and make the process much faster for the rest of the series.

Here are a few tips to make the process easier. You need to think about the atmosphere you want the video to have (girly, edgy, upbeat, serious, etc.), and that will influence the design. You will also need to let me know the music you want to use. We will have to make sure to give proper credit to avoid copyright infringement. Another option would be to pick a song in the public domain. There are search engines dedicated to finding clips like that. Finally, when filming outside, make sure the wind isn’t affecting your sound quality.

The format of the videos should be mp4 or avi. It will be easiest to share them through Google Drive or Dropbox if the files are too big to email. I will need access to your YouTube account to upload the videos.

If you’re ready to take your videos to the next level, contact me here!



Here’s are a few videos I’ve made to give you a sense of what I do:





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