Website Management

My content management services focus on organizing your website and making it as easy to navigate as possible.

Most of your website’s visitors will lose interest and move on if they get confused, disoriented, or lost when browsing your pages. To keep them on your website (and convert them into customers), make sure your content is managed correctly.

Page Design

Is your page layout easy to navigate? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Do the colors work well together? Is your message clear? Website aesthetics are essential to keeping a customer clicking through your site. If your site looks outdated or messy, people won’t stick around for long! (I designed my website, if that gives you an idea of my style!)

Page Editing

Is everything spelled correctly? Are there any grammar mistakes? Do all of your links work and lead to the correct pages? Is your HTML code broken? I can be your second set of eyes.


Look at your website menu. Is it cluttered and crowded? Is it organized in a natural way? Your website map should flow naturally from one page to another. Content management services can organize your web content to keep you and your customers on the same wavelength!


If you have a series of videos or lessons and your clients or customers need to access them, it’s important to make sure they’re archived in a way that makes sense and doesn’t lead to more confusion.

For example, I work with the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, and I helped them organize hundreds of videos, teleseminars, and blog posts into categories to form twenty online classrooms for members to use. Before, the content was floating around and difficult to find. Now, everything is in one place and sorted by category and date.

Need a full redesign or a website built from scratch? Just contact me so we can discuss!

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